September 6, 2017

In some places it's very difficult to take a bad photo. Great Sand Dunes NP is one of those places.  

After the San Jauns, we had plans to meet up with Kelly, a friend from back home, and do some climbing over in the Front Range. She decided to drive from Phoenix to Durango straight through, for an eight hour drive. We met her late at night in the parking lot of the Durango City Market, and headed up into the hills for some shut-eye. Thinking she was done with driving and ready to adventure in the mountains, we spent the next day driving another 6 hours to Great Sand Dunes National Park, where we did not climb a single rock or mountain. We did, howeve...

April 22, 2017

Apparently 20 years is about the life span of a spring leaf pack on a 3/4 ton truck, because the amount of sag on our rear axle was not normal. We determined to replace them along with the rear shock absorbers in hopes of getting a better ride in the van (hehe). My buddy Mike offered his assistance and assured me that with two people working the job would be done in a weekend. Silly Mike, the Big Mountain Jalopy is actually a sentient being, and it would no sooner let go of any part of itself than you or I would let someone remove our own arm...

It started out fine. Mike and I began by removing the old shock absorbers. They came out without issue...

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