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Printed Size is 12"x32"


The Grand Prismatic Hot Spring of Yellowstone National Park is a lake of boiling sapphire water welling up from the earth's crust and superheated by underground magma. The rainbow of colors that give this spring its name are an indicator of the water temperature. The clear blue center of the lake is the hottest, and as the water flows out it cools and different types and colors of bacteria are able to grow.


This photo is printed on Kodak Endura Metallic paper, which has a high-impact and lustrous finish, rendering stunning contrast and vibrance. 


Choose between:


No mounting. This is a giclée print on Kodak Endura Metallic paper with a heat-set lustre finish laminate for dirt and dust protection and colorfastness, ready to be framed.


Metallic giclée print with a heat-set lustre finish laminate, mounted on 6mm black Sintra board with 1/2" wood spacers on the backside. The image is mounted to the front of this rigid board, and then hung directly onto the wall with no frame. The wood spacers are inset from the corners and are not visible from the front when hung, making the image appear to float off of the wall. Includes an aluminum z-bar hanger for hanging on the wall.  



Water Rays Metallic Print

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